Few Resources on Lokpal Bill

I previously posted about Arvind Kejriwal`s speech on difference about thier Lokpal and govt`s Lokpal Bill. Today I just want to post few resources where people can use to print , spread and even equip with basic knowledge on Jan Lokpal bill. There are too many doubts going on about the Bill. Its it better to know the difference between the Jan Lokpal which is proposed by Anna`s Team and govt`s Lokpal bill. Instead of me taking sides and favoring to one side , I will let you decide.

Few resources :

1.)Jan Lokpal Bill on Wikipedia

2.)Complete Difference between Jan Lokpal and Govt`s Lokpal with critics views 

3.)Jan Lokpal Bill Version 1.8PDF WARNING

4.)Arvind Kejriwal On Lokpal Bill 4 Part Youtube Video

5.)IAC – FAQ

Following are listed by Vardhan


6.)Jan Lokpal vs. Govt Lokpal

7.)Jan Lokpal Bill – a detailed analysis

8.)Govt Lokpal Bill 2011

9.)Lokpal Bill – IAC draft

10.)PPT on Jan Lokpal

Lokpal comittee

Its better to be informed and educated rather being sorry for not knowing the cause of fight.

-Urs Siva

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