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Honda WRV – My personal review

This isn’t going to be a usual review. It’s going to be about the path I personally took in deciding and buying Honda WRV. When all of a sudden we decided to change our...


Roccat Kova [+] and Roccat Taito

Had been searching for a good claw grip mouse and little bit of finger grip . Searched for a long time because getting a fix on good products has become a tedious process. Decided...

bullet storm 1

In Game Screens From BulletStorm

BulletStorm ran pretty neat at 720P , 4AA , and all other setting Maxd/ got a decent 30-50FPS and temperature where below 77c all time.     [ad#250] Full set here

Dell L502 8

Dell L502 a.k.a New XPS 15 Review

Hi all.. It’s been some time I have posted here. That’s mainly because I have been reading lots of review and comparing loads of laptop to replace my 3 year old Dell M1530. It...