Trick for Airtel Hello Tune Users


So you are those few who still use Hello tune …
so how long does your hello tune play ? may be 15 sec max and how long does the initial Airtel Ads run ? may be 5 – 7 seconds , and i am sure by within 10 seconds you would have picked up the call.. so your friends would hear just the bare 3-5 seconds of the paid hello tune.

Airtel HelloTune

Ok here is a trick or method to actually remove the AD part of the Hello tune..


Just dial 198 and connect to the Customer care executive and ask them to remove the automated voice before the hello tune and IF they say no , threaten them that you dont want a hello tune with that ad in front.
Just a few minutes before i was confirmed by a CC personal that this option is there , and there is no other way of deactivating the automated voice rather than calling them and asking them to do so..

Comment back whether it works or not..

-Urs Siva

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