Faith Vs Science

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Yesterday i posted a message in my Facebook Page , Its simple , hypothetical question . If i kill a person based on a belief that God spoke to me in my dreams or in my ears in day , will the judge sentence me imprisonment or find me not guilty based on MY  belief and agreeing that god does exist ? It has a deep implentation .. It will question the existence of GOD from a law point of view . It will lead to more implemenation on law level. Government can dettach from itself from Religion. It can seperate it from the clutches of religion. When i recently filled in a form , i was FORCED to enter my community , What if i dont want to carry the community from which i come from , what if i want to be a Indian , a human being ? What if i dont want to follow any religion , Why should i enter my religion in Gov formed Applications ?


Urs Siva

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  1. Leave the place where you live and start your life somewhere else. I know in India there are some strictly rules as I have indian friends and they had to leave their country to make many things possible and feel free

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