Neeya Naana Discusses on Afterlife , Ghost

Last sunday(28-11-2010) Neeya Naana`s topic was very welcoming among the usual ones, it dealt with After life , things like ghost , Aathma.. The dicussion was very interesting too.. But Veera Pandian at the end Stole the show..
So i am compiling all the videos for whoever missed it..
All videos are uploaded by someone , i am just sharing them… 🙂

Part 01

Part 02


Part 03

Part 04

Part 05

Part 06

hope you all enjoy.. Leave comments , i am happy to reply and discuss

-Urs Siva

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2 Responses

  1. n anandhan says:

    yes. there is a life after death

  2. Admin says:

    Care to explain ?

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