Roccat Kova [+] and Roccat Taito

Had been searching for a good claw grip mouse and little bit of finger grip . Searched for a long time because getting a fix on good products has become a tedious process. Decided will go for CM Storm Spawn mouse ,but was warned by one of my online friend , not to go for it , due to issues with its sensor. Again after much delay , settled to for Roccat Kova , but fortunately  found a seller on ebay who was giving a better deal on Kova [+] , the newer version . Kova[+] sells at 5.5 K Rs , but was fortunate to get it for half the price, At first i was doubtful whether it was a fake one , but the product came with original packing , and built wise looking good, hard to be an fake one *fingers-crossed*. After few days got Roccat taito Mouse pad , as the mouse feets usually gets degraded with desk surface or other surface. Again found Taito selling for much lesser price , than usual ,on flipkart , so grabbed one.. :D.


Just few images for now , if time permits ,will do a review.


– Urs Siva

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