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When we all think that Tamil film industry is not more than a skin show , Selvaraghavan has just showed us that what we are capable of. I went through many reviews online and there was mixed opinions. I think our reviewers have put up the “Reviewers Hat” for this film , when they didnt bother to do so when horrible films like Kandasamy , Vettaikaran came… How much adventure film have we seen off lately ? This is BOLD step forward and we should be giving the director enough encouragement to do another project. Instead we are doing the opposite. May be we are used to the same craps and we don’t want to come out of it…

Parthiban in Aayirathil Oruvan

The whole films concept is a beautifully carved one , the whole story which moves towards the secret society which is living on an island and underneath the rock , could easily make a critic go like ” Why the hell aren’t they coming out ? ” to prove that point , Selva had beautifully given a strong script which justifies why they are hiding. Kudos to Selva. I am not going to explain it to you… you figure them out!

The character development is excellent and all have done their best and have turned to be Magnum Opus for each actor ,mainly to Parthiban! His role as a King is perfect and he has showed how a the legendary Kings will be. His body language , his fierce eyes , his bold speech all makes his character to be remembered forever! Next best is Reema Sen. How many films in Tamil industry ever come out giving importance to the female lead ? Reema`s performance as a project leader, who is sarcastic , bold in the first half and the wicked , sex oozing cunning deceiver in the second half have just shows that Tamil industry have been under utilizing the talent skill of these actress.

Karthik and Andrea have done their best and there is no flaw in it. Particularly the way Karthik transform his acting skills from serious to funny looking character , even though sometimes remembers of his Paruthi Veeran character , is good to watch.

Aaiyirathil Oruvan Reema , Karthik , Andrea

Each frame is a wallpaper !
Read it as much time you want …. Each frame is designed not pictured ! Ramji camera has played a vital part and the cave shot were a whole community lives were majestic and powerful ! I have never seen anything so beautifully depicted in Tamil films… Kudos to Ramji!
In particular the song “Ohh Essa” , was a treat to eye. Even though the song is somewhat inappropriate to the story , but it simply shows the creativeness and excellence in choreo and camera work !

It really needs talent to show how powerful the kings were in those times and Selva has done his best not to show it too much in this modern times. Too much on either side can throw the originally intended theme out of the movie. Selva Raghvan has excellently portrayed the raw power of those old Kings . The scene where he(Parthiban) handles 5-8 layperson single handedly shows the real power they had in those era`s. And in the next scene when a mother asks for the meat , the expression and decision of the king was also so well portrayed. It needs whole lot of guts and talent to show these in this modern era and that too in Tamil Films. He also excels in the fight scene between Reema and Parthiban and particularly when reema switches to fighting with sex as a weapon. How parthiban handles that was also a delight to watch. These are very new to Tamil Film!


Music by G.V was in right proportion and didn’t sway from the story.Remix of “Atho antha paravai polla” was very nice touch and movie goer will be really delighted ! Many were disappointed that their favourite song ” Maalai Neeram” was not in the movie .. Was it cut ? or will it be in Part 2 ? Selva only knows !!

I wouldn’t say the movie is flawless .. there are few.But taking into account all the grand stuff and beautiful story put in a Tamil Movie , I would gladly forget those flaws and watch them.

When all other films are either a copy or a crap , Selva`s bold venture is new beginning for Tamil industry. A new door opened for those who want to venture and take a plunge into the world of unknown. We have a very vast history of Kings , Myths , Adventures , If directors can dwell on them , may be we can see more similar interesting , new variety movies.Instead of seeing only the negatives of this film when positives are soaring sky high , i think we people should try to encourage these kind of ventures or else we would stuck with age old “Hero-Heroine-fight-masala song-villain-happy ending ” kind movies!

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-Urs Siva

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