Review : Logitech G102 / G203 with mercury sensor is the best optical gaming mouse you can buy and it’s cheap

Logitech G102 / G203 is the newer gaming mouse from the Logitech. They have been developing the in house sensor, ie Mercury Sensor for sometime. Is the new sensor good or worse? Is it worth the buy ?

Logitech G102 Prodigy Programmable RGB Gaming Mouse G203

Logitech has long been associated with producing mouses for all need, be it for casuals, the office people, the casual gamers and also hard core.


G302 uses the AM010 sensor, whereas the G102 uses the new “mercury” sensor. The AM010 could be a bit older however its tried and tested one. The Mercury Sensor on the G102 / G203 is extremely new, in all probability the most newest and most effective sensor among the crowd at present .

AM010 Logitech Sensor 3366 3360 3389 Mercury3 988 3989 3310 Logitech G102 G203

AM010 Logitech Sensor

The inhouse sensor built by Logitech has been there for a long time since they really want to have their proprietary sensor for all their devices in stead of using sensors like AM010 ,3366, 3360, 3389,3988, 3989 ,3310 ..

From what i have read from the online resource the newer mercury sensor is way better , and in fact equivalent what we find in higher end gaming mouses. And since its a in-house developed , this allows Logitech to sell it for cheap.


Its a ambidextrous mouse and IMO , compared to my previous Logitech G300s , G102 / G203 is a slightly bigger one. Also its slightly longer one too. This makes it little difficult in reaching the buttons.The side buttons do interfere while moving or lifting the mouse and unlike in G300s , these are soft buttons and prone for pressing them accidentally.

It would be best if either they could be reassigned to non-harmful inputs and only activated while playing games.

Logitech G102 Prodigy Programmable RGB Gaming Mouse G203

The design might be little bit for palm grip gamers. But as a claw grip myself , I didnt find much hassle in using it.



Logitech claims it has provided a Advanced button tensioning system which keeps the left and right mouse buttons ready to be clicked in G102 / G203. They also claim that this reduces the force needed to click and there by having a better feel and consistency. Well IMO , I dont feel anything different and infact it feels little i am using a cheap mouse.

Logitech G102 Prodigy Programmable RGB Gaming Mouse G203


Again this comes with a OMRON switch and a claim of 10 million clicks. In my last two logitech mouses , each lasted for 2-3 years and everytime it was there switches which wore off resulting in “Double Clicking” issue.

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2 Responses

  1. Akshat Verma says:

    Great sensor but it has got double click issues after few months. Had this problem with two of these mice.

  2. rajesh says:

    i bought mine second hand from a great seller, only for about $10 , and i am pretty damn suprised by the mouse. i play osu mainly, and i could never finish the 3 star difficulty , with this mouse it’s like i held nothing in my hand and the cursors goes where i want to be no matter how fast my hand glides. and i the mouse is on perfect condition too, considering i got this pretty much at half the price. for budget gamer, this mouse is a no brainer to go for, i have g300s before, and i like it personally because it have so many buttons, i wish logitech could make another g300s with this sensor included.

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