AVATAR – A Milestone in Movie Making !

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There is always a film which will rewrite the way films are made. There is always a films which will set the benchmark standard for the next generation films. There is always a film which will turn the course of the whole film industry. Avatar is the movie which does all the above…..


Let me break it in the beginning… Don’t expect arrows or bullet to come near you or any flying objects whistling past you. This isn’t “My Dear KutiChathan ” type 3D movie ! James Cameron has made sure his way of 3D is polite and doesn’t interfere the story too much or spoil his dream world – PANDORA!. He uses 3D excellently. 3D movie at its very best. From the first shot where our hero is lying in the long space bed vault, till the end of the war you will love Cameron`s 3D. The 3D won’t be more than few seats from the screen, but see closely on the screen, the depth of 3rd dimension is enormous. You will realise it in each shot how well he has handled the 3D. You will notice the dance of the grass as that future helicopter descends down on that pandora….

Pandora World

I usually don’t like to tell the story; I don’t want to spoil the fun for those who are going to watch the movie. Instead I usually say the best things in the film… technical, sound, graphics, acting stuff.
The level of graphics is enormous and you will realise it when you see the Pandora in 3D. Cameron has handled the 2D and 3D in a neat way. Not all scenes are 3D. If you take you glasses and view… You will know that few scenes are 2D and there will be very neat transformation going from 2D to 3D as the images will start to blur and double… He makes us think the whole movie is 3D, but it’s not so. For me Wall-E had a great graphics, the metal layer and Eva`s shining body made me think “Can anyone beat this level of graphics?”, well Avatar just did it and its miles ahead of Wall-E!  The skin texture, facial expression, the level of detail of Pandora , the sculptures in the film , water fall are all extraordinary and you will remember it till eternity. Few minutes into the world of Pandora, you will think that it’s all real, but in reality it’s not!

AVATAR- 3D Visuals

Story wise, i wouldn’t say its ground breaking or new, the usual story, but that’s were Cameron shows he is the KING! He takes a normal story, when we see the story from his view, it just appears spectacular. There are many things said in the story , like united society and integration and realisation of the true power of nature,corporates ruling , industrialisation , ruthlessness against life forms just for the sake of natural resource. you will realise it when those big machines run and destroy the lovely Pandora.

The background score is really well done and isn’t too much noisy.Actually its is very much underplayed but utilized perfectly in right areas. It doesn’t hurt your ears like in some Tamil movies or even in few English movies like transformers 2.


The way film is shown is very neat and doesnt lag or deviate too much or makes us bored! This film which took James nearly 6 years to get completed is something to be marveled at. He wrote its scripts in 1994, he then perused the top theatre owners in America to invest in 3D equipments; James was so convinced that 3D is the future of movies. For this movie he along with his photography friends developed the new 3D motion camera where people have to enter the world which are pre rendered with powerful computers , actors have to wear equipments all their body which captures each and every motion and also their facial expression , there by bringing the real expression of the humans to the screen . Usually CGI created characters lack in expression or the look very pale! but in Avatar , you will feel each Naa`vi character. James Cameron had a large area to play with, since it’s his world and his technology, he has surely shown what a director could do with right technology!

Seeds of the Big Tree

Did you guys know that the language spoken by Naavi is totally created by language specialist and it took nearly 6 months to form all the words? Actors were to recite them with proper expression. Imagine spelling “aguminitnop” and giving a expression of smile… That’s tough … 🙂 Real tough! Actors have done well.Thats not that only things , the trees , animals are all invented and Hierarchied them. He wanted to top what Lucas created … Whether he won or not is still yet to be seen if avatar has sequels.
There is also a cute thing…. the subtitles for the Naavi language will appear in 3D and you will know how cute it looks. These are small things which shouldn’t be missed. It will take at least 3-4 times seeing the movie to fully see the level of 3D and details in this spectacular movie
The movie isn’t without faults , many times the 3D is out of sync causing blurred movie instead of 3D , that’s because the technology used in the film is not perfected , may be future movies with this technology would be much better. The story might be the weakest link here , but that doesn’t show that much as you will enjoying you time in Pandora!

Floating Mountains of Pandora

Little advice if you haven’t seen the movie

1.) Watch it in 3D! Surely this film will run for the next 2-3 months in Satyam or Inox , so even if you can’t get the ticket right now , you will get after few weeks. So better see it in 3D… You will be mesmerized!

2.) While you watch the movie, never concentrate on the details behind… Read this article http://www.inquisitr.com/53141/how-to-avoid-james-camerons-3d-avatar-headache/

3.) Try to grab the whole world of Pandora as much as possible… Definitely don’t miss the BIG TREE!

May be I am wrapping this article too early, but more into the article, I might spill out few spoilers. I don’t like it. So let is end here.

Finally …Will this film change the way future films are made? Will this film set a new standard in film making? Will this film be a technological milestone?

!!! YES !!!

My Rating :

-Urs Siva

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