A Walk Into The Future !

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Its always easy to predict future on a vast scale. But predicting events to the exact day is something of a mystery and i dont believe in it.Everything around us is based on interaction of NUMEROUS factors, not just your decision!Anyway , I will try to put stuffs which are sure to be a part of the future… shall we take a little ride into the future?

Entertainment is where whole lot of happening will take place and new improvements will be deployed. With recent film like Avatar shining the lights on the future films , we will never know what films will look like in the future. 3D is one thing which will be employed/developed /improved in the future. Imagine your empty room been filled with holographic images of a beautiful island or think where holographic picture will put you right in the war film , where are all fighting  and gun shooting will be whistling past next to you and did i forget to mention the 360 degree holographic projection ?

This is just a single point 3D holographic display. Think of a projector hanging from above the ceiling , a small one , just like a web cam and the moment you switch on it will transform your plain white painted square or rectangle room into a place where you wish to be. and dont worry the room scanner and automated distance finder will set the correct level of depth and volume for your room size , let it be as a big as a theatre or as small as a bathroom. Couple this with next generation audio of more than the current 9.2 surround sound, Tomorrows film will be realistic to the core.


There will be one speaker which will radiate sound waves around you , its currently in development. Its a pinpoint sound wave , particularly focused to your ears alone. this way you can hear to a particular sound without a headphone while a person sitting next to you wont hear a tiny bit of the song/radio you are listening to, but if he comes into the line of focus of your pinpoint sound wave , he will hear it. This tech coupled with other audio technology will considerably enhance the way we hear to audio in next generation movies. Just think all you need to is paint the wall white and just turn on “Centralised Control” – which manages all your entertainment from songs to movies to Tv programmes to even e-newspaper. you switch it , the projector turns your living room into anything you wished for. This can also be enhanced with motion technology where these holographic images will respond to your input,ie these motion detectors will detect your hand , body , face , eye movements and will input these to the system which is managing the projection of the holographic images, so the end result will be a 3D image in the air interactive medium!!!Ever wished you would check your mail just a little bigger , say of size of 50″ TV ? you will be able to do it in the future. Ever wanted to play games just like you will do it real life ? couple all the above said technology , you will have one exhaustive interactive gaming experience you will even encounter , transforming your simple room into a multiplayer arena , couple this with broadband connectivity and all your friends can be joining in for a total showdown against AI bots in the game.
Think , at present you web chat through a tiny window. With holographic projection and increased broadband bandwidth , who knows you might be sitting next to your loved ones who is 1000 miles away from you. 🙂

Lets take a little detour to the field of medicine….

Nano technology. !

Nano technology is the one which will have significant impact in the future. Nanobots – Nano sized robots ! Lets take a little example. A patient is diabetic and he needs insulin or other oral hypoglycemic drugs on a regular basis. what if he misses one ? yes surely there will be problems ? what if the drug he takes is inappropriate for the level of glucose in his body ? he will land up again in the problem. These are tiny changes in the molecule level , which no layman will be able to see or measure. this were nanobots will come into play. Once injected into the body , they will constantly monitor the blood glucose level and will release insulin at sub-micro levels to adjust to the normal range. So patient doesnt have to worry on what he/she must consume or how much he needs to maintain. all those things will be maintained by these smallest programmable robots. Also this will help relieve the patient who are on daily Inj of insulin, because once injected these nanobots will stay there in the body and release required amount of drug and eliminate the need for inj insulin. Once the job or their life gets over , either they will disintegrate or be excreted via urine. This is many years from seeing light , but nanotechnology is a fast growing field and has loads and loads of potential in it. This is not the only one. They will be programmed in such a way that any abnormailty like hypovolemia in case of accident or cardiac arrest , these nanobots will automatically call your doc and inform him the GEO-LOCATION(GPS) of you for immediate medical care.

Nanobots in the future can also be programmed to work as a antibiotic. Just like a antivirus for our computers , these nanobots will be programmed to destroy the pathogens invading the body. New variant of Flu ? just update your nanobots signature(codes) , that will take care of the new variant.


Next we will sneek peek into the world of communication…shall we ?

….to be continued in Part II

If you like this first part , please leave your comments and thoughts..

-Urs Siva

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