If it Rains, Shutdown Everything!

Hi all…

This was a disastrous week for me. Nearly a week without Internet and my laptop! I am one like you guys , who thinks that rarest things wont happen to me .. but this week  i was proved wrong. After nearly a month of “Severe” summer , we had a great rain on Monday , and I was very delighted , I almost forgot to do the very basic stuff, disconnect all the electronic items! I was enjoying the rain soo much that I didn’t know that a lightening has struck a phone wire somewhere and it passed right down to my modem , fried it and passed further to my laptop which was connected to the modem through LAN and  fried it too . When i got back from my “enjoying of rain ” , I was taken back by a strange display on my laptop with pure white screen ! i thought my laptop has hung.. i tried to turn it off.. but i cant.. then i had to pull the battery from the laptop to power off .When i tried to restart.. it was all too late! My motherboard was fried!
I called Dell CC and they responded and pinpointed the fault with my motherboard! and they told me that the service person will be on or before Friday! But i should thank Dell for their fast service.My laptop was on and running by Wednesday! Then when i tried to hook up to the net , i was only able to connect for a maximum of 10 minutes. My modem/router was so much fried that when it heats up , it would simply disconnects from the internet!

Anyway my advice to all is , when its raining , with or without ligthening , shutdown everything. And also the important thing is to disconnect all the cables and wires. Remove the phone line from the modem , remove the cable to TV , remove cable from Set-top-box to tv. And also unplug everything.

I was lucky , i got away with a few days off the internet .It may not be the same for all. what if your electronic product is not covered under warranty or warranty just got expired ? Just a few hours without internet , Tv will save days without it! Think wise

Thanks to all who left a comment on my previous posts.

C ya soon on another post!

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