Unforgettable day – BAD DAY OFFCOURSE !

Never in my life i have went through such a terrible phase on 5-4-x..

I have decided never to go through it again .. if situation arises , i am ready to give a good fight before going down.

Really cant Get time for writing article ..

Anyway things are somewhat back to normal , all rose due to a simple misunderstanding … atleast thats what i think..

If things go well .. i will beef up this blog and start spending time to write few good articles..

Planned to write one on “My A.R Playlist ” , “X10 – Xperia ” , “Road for Future – 2 ” and an article on “PS3 Scene ”

Planned to give away few gifts and conducting few contest if things go well for me… lets see…

Anyway all this if things go well , if not … i will be closing this blog once n for all…..

See u all…

-Urs Siva

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