New method of scam and blackmailing on horizon..Beware

Hi all..

This world is becoming more of a monetary minded and people go to a greater extend to acquire money. This happened yesterday to my friend’s friend. I wanted to post all details and put them(crooks) to spotlight , but my friend didn’t want it and asked me to not to mention any names or company name. Let it be that way.

My friends friend was nearly con`d ..
He is in foreign now and he worked in a reputed company and used a CUG sim from a network.. And as we know CUG are post-paid.
My friend got a call from a lady saying that she is from Customs and my friend’s friend got a parcel and wanted someone to pick it up. Since my friend was busy, he directed that lady to call that friends girlfriend. She got a call, but this time it was from a guy who said he is from the network from which he got CUG. That GUY told her that he had around 4,000 Rs outstanding and since he is not in India right now and payment is pending for months now, if they failed to pay, that GUY said that the Network would file a case against him. Fearing this, she had no other option but to arrange for money and agreed to meet that guy. She went with her friend, but couldn’t get enough money, in the meanwhile , she called him in foreign and he said to arrange some money and get him out of the problem.. Who would want a case against them? Particularly when he is in foreign.

Indian mobile Network

So she went with her friend, and met this guy. He showed the ID card from that Network Company, but good thing is , she was able to see that the ID CARD was expired . It could be forged or the guy could be an ex-employee of that network. She said that she didn’t have enough money and just Rs 1,500/-with her…Guy was so desperate, he agreed to take whatever money she had, But she was really rational and took immediate decision to place call to the customer care centre of that network, and they said that no network personal were asked to collect money in person… so she decided to pay the money in one of the network outlets.. Somehow managing to escape from this GUY.
And we have not yet heard from that GUY or that LADY.

All I can get from this incident is, currently I think ex-employee from these network or the ones who are working there itself are utilising the Unpaid bills which network are neglecting because pursuing this unpaid bills is making it costlier than that bill itself. So that is where these crooks come in ..

They utilise these database within the network and pursue them in person and blackmailing them with court cases.

This is a really a scary and dangerous type of fraud being carried out… so just keep a watch.. If you are unsure, call the main call centre and enquire directly and if they still insist on court case, don’t be afraid to say “Go on, file a case …” , provided you don’t have any outstanding bills…

-Urs Siva

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