Kanchivaram – Diamond among rocks !!

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Happened to watch Kachivaram movie today and it was a experience to be treasured.. As i have been to Kanchi Kudil in Kanchipuram once , thanks to a special person.So i really was able to feel people portrayed in this film, their day to day activities , utensils , lifestyle , dressings.Picture is set in 1948 where Land Lords are the rulers and its the time when communism is buddying in India. As usual i am not going to go through the story and break the suspense’s , even though there are no suspense’s in this film ( there goes my SPOILER!! LOL ) . Prakash Raj acting excels throughout the movie and no one can ever touch him in his arena of acting ! Expression , the untold sorrows , unanswered facial expression , and he tops everything off in the last few minutes of the movie. But all praise should go for Priyadarshan , who has selected a out of way script and drew a wonderful picture.

Kachivaram Movie

Camera excels in almost all scenes , a scene where his face , a tree and the dusk was just a painting!. Whole film is full of beautifully painted stills. Background music is a pillar to the movie , particularly the the song for the new born child is simply cute melody to any child ears ! The carnatic and use of instrument for the background is also perfect , not crossing beyond the pre-independence era. The music rightly fits into the movie , not much , not less… just perfect!

All cast played to their script and it has come out extraordinarily well .. Shriya Reddy , Shammu ( Thamarai ) , have did their part to the best.

Taking the story part , its set in Pre-Independence era and gradually moves into independence era, but actually in the reverse though … see the movie !!  The Land Lord era were horrible and this picture cant explain it any more clearly to depict how bad those times were.Particularly when the deal goes between the LandLord and the English Dura… Land Lords using the poverty stricken people for their profit and how communism brought into this small place changes is the background of the movie , real story lies in the not so lucky Prakash Raj and his Nesavali life. Love in hte right amount , care in the right amount , anger  , dream , family .. everything in right proportion , not much , not less !

Its really horrible to see how the people who work cant even taste the end result of their work , not alone in this film , but also in reality . Men and women work hard and they never reap the fruit …
The location and scenic beauty of the film is something you can watch again. the scenes shot in the night are very clear , not hindering the true nature of the shot . To say the truth , half of the movie is taken on the horizon .. Kudos for Sabu Cyril for his extraordinary art direction and also for S. Tirru for his awesome camera which captured every single color of the shot….

When good movies are reducing to unspeakable numbers , film like these are the ones which stand tall and say , ” There is still hope ! ”

Thanks Priyadarshan for giving Tamil cinema a rare piece of diamond !

My Rating :

See you all soon on more new articles.. especially the PS3 Scene Article !

-Urs Siva

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