Will Newspapers Become Absolete ?

Hi all…
Today i had a chance to go to my hall , talk about the laziest guy…!!! and found a Thing called ” NEWSPAPER”… How weird ?? Actually its been a long time i read newspaper. When i was in hostel I used to read it daily and used to steal a few pages to read them thoroughly , I really love to read stuff , loads of stuff… or say read stuffs which ever doesnt relate to my subject. … 🙂 Anyway coming to the issue.. what was that prevented a guy like me , who goes to a extent to steal few pages and read to completely forget about a thing called NEWSPAPER ??

Its very simple .. the TV .. The internet …

These both have the latest news around the planet and are crisp in presentation , and needless to say provides all the latest happening around the world within seconds …
So If i can get all the news around the world within seconds .. What is the use of newspaper now ??

This is really a hard question .. Newspaper has served its purpose greatly for years and its been the main media. Newspaper is still the real mass media for many and a the main media in rural areas and for people who cant offer.. Newspaper will continue to exist but in a different form.

We have been hearing much about thin LED`s and they are thin enough to be flexible and folded .. if this can be incorporated along with say wifi and automatic news update… people may well find their next version of newspaper.

Still today , even after many improvement .. people find it easier to read a novel or article off a paper based material instead of on PDF or TXT version.

Newspaper will continue to be here , A simple thing like a power failure will put your ” Up-To-Date” process to Complete Halt!

Newspaper is a media where still today the subscribers are in billions. But cant say how it will be in future, it depends on how people in Newspaper industry take on the Generation Wave ! Will they change to futuristic Foldable OLED ?  No one knows.

But one thing is sure , We will get all over updates one way or another. And tommorow it will be more customized to users interest. !

I will leave here with a video .. A nice video indeed !

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2 Responses

  1. bhuulo says:

    New Paper will exist because Internet is not available in home to home but 2rs. news paper is available in all parts of india…. too soon to think that news paper will extinct

  2. Admin says:

    but as i said there is long way to go , and we dont know what will happen to newspaper , new tech can replace it like flexible LED`s..

    ne way thnks for the reply.. 🙂

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