Reliance Joins the CARTEL

Recently i posted a article regarding Airtel and its fair usage policy. but it seems reliance , one of the companies we think will revolutionize our Indian Communication and joined the path of Airtel and Tata ..

This is really a depressing news for all the netizens. If they can do this .. no one knows for sure what and all they can do in the future ..

Reliance fair usage policy comes from their new DATA CARD tariff!!
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here is the picture..

as you can see at he bottom … they limit the unlimited plan to 10 GB and this is very restricting …

keep a check on this post… will post any update on this issue

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4 Responses

  1. Shaunak says:

    10 GB is *not* unlimited. Its not even reasonable.

    Outside ISP put ‘reasonable’ caps on their unlimited connections. Something like 50 GBs is still agreeable. But 10GBs are way too low. I use a 10GB a month like and jus doing normal surning my limits runs out in 20 days. It is so unfair to pay for an ‘unlimited’ line and be capped at 10GBs.

    Read this post from a Lativian guy:
    Fiber optic rollout, 500Mbps @ 40$ [Thats what, 2000Rs ?]
    Doesnt news like that make you burn in envy?

    PS: I like your blog design. What CMS are you using?

  2. Shaunak says:

    Sorry for the typos above, I was typing really fast. 😛

    I meant to say:
    * ‘month line and just doing’ instead of “month like and jus doing “

  3. Admin says:

    First of all sorry for the late reply.. Went out for vacation!
    Anyway coming to the point. yes i agree these caps are reasonable , but ask yourself , If we sont act now for this cap , What if they cap bandwidth for everything ?
    And what if they charge you for sites like , hulu( US ) etc ? just like pay channels on DTH ??

    This is how they begin to inject these kinda ideas …

    Thanks for posting a comment ! 🙂

  4. Admin says:

    Its wordpress …

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