Copyright : What side are we really?

Hi all ,
Hope you like articles thus far. Today i want to just discuss on some issues we netizens face every day. Copyrighted stuff! This is the hot topic at present throughout the internet. Whatever news pops out as top news contains some copyright stuff in it. Recently The Pirate Bay owners were sent to jail, but they have appealed to high court, that’s a different story. The pirate Bay stands tall among all the netizens. They worship TPB like anything, Why? Simply because these guys have the guts to face the Music and Movie industries Threats.


Today my question is, What side are we really on ?
We love Music, We love Movies, and we love games. We are fan boys for some cult! be it Star wars , or LOR, Matrix , PS3 , XBOX , Britney , Lindsay Lohan … etc. We are fans because of their awesome work. Are we really doing them any good by downloading their work for free?
One part of my brain says that, this free downloading has been my virtual Search engine for finding extra-ordinary musicians, movies, games etc…
I found Within Temptation because of the torrents. And i would surely say that i would buy her next album, not because i can’t download from the internet anymore, but more of like showing the artist a respect, a token of appreciation for their work.
But my other part of the brain says that you should stop downloading other artist which you haven’t become a fan…
Wait a second! , I can surely say that i have stayed away from some artist, because their works suck, or say, i don’t like their genre! But anyway, i am not going to buy a CD of some unknown anyway! So does my downloading really count? And needless to say the downloaded album will be deleted as soon as i hear them and find they suck!
Torrents have been the place where i discover many new works, like Office, Heroes, and Prison Break etc. Office and Prison Break haven’t been started yet here in India, but even if they start, they show them at some time and miss a episode or two in the middle, they simply don’t care what we see and they simply don’t know what they are doing. And top it all, nowadays every single program comes with a Subtitle! , Damn you morons! And those subtitles only distract us from seeing the actual serial. It’s like a audio book with visual text … It can’t get worst than it is now. Only thing they haven shown the subtitles is in the Advertisements! Do they think that we don’t English or what, i simply can’t understand? If they put a Hindi subtitle it’s ok for me, since it would be great for north Indians who don’t know English to enjoy these serials/ movies. But what if your damn viewer is a frequent movie goer, an addict… He will hate you like anything.
Actually I have stopped (nearly) watching movies on TV, simply because the subtitles kill the experience!
I think i have deviated too far!
Coming to the topic.


Actually there is also a bigger responsibility for the music companies, movie, game.. Etc, on their part.
Simply put, who would get a 3000 Rs game in India? Pricing is essential! You can’t simply price like that, you have to get a hold of the local culture and mind set. India is a place where people don’t get 1 item for 10 Rs, They bargain till death and get 5 items for 10 Rs. They simply won’t and can’t shed a 3000Rs Single title game!
If the big companies don’t realise this faster and soon, they will invariably going to help the piracy soar to new height all because of their greed for money. Simply put the same game/movie/music is cheaper to obtain from black market or download free off the net.
I wouldn’t say that you shouldn’t download, this a broadband era. Download, but if you really like their work, please support them in any possible way. I loved Batman – Dark knight and i seriously got a Blu-Ray of the film. Not everyone can afford. But at least try not to focus on downloading and enjoying part alone. If these artist aren’t there, then the most important part of “ BroadBand Era “ life , The Entertainment won’t be there.
You could help them by writing a good review on EBay, Amazon, Post nice stuff on Forums, Blogs, Encourage people who CAN buy stuff.
Even though this isn’t the ultimate answer, but at least we can try to make ourselves conscious that we are doing something good to the artist / hero / developer…
I hope i made something or the other clear to you.
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Thanks a lot.
See you soon on another article!

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