Windows 7 – Silky Smooth Vista PART 1

When i first went through many articles on windows 7 , i thought that , there wont be much to enjoy in , just another new code and fresh developer team and nothing more.but everything changed after i installed the Windows 7 RC.The installation however didn’t go well on my Dell M1530, got a corrupted installation and had to backup the HDD through my PC and had to fresh install the W7 RC , which was actually , i think the best thing i did , coz my Vista was showing symptoms of Overload and Bloatedness after hundreds of apps , games installed and deleted , and upgrading it would have made it more bloated! . After fresh install which took less than just 20 minutes and just FEW clicks . I really should thank Microsoft for its effort and design. It feel like a Italian designer working all the way.

After the install , i was greeted by a fresh looking login page , very fresh , but i didn’t personally like the animation on start-up , it could have been better. coming to login page , it felt as if i am on a mountain , fresh!! Fresh !! Hats off for choosing that pic as a login background!

What came next is more of excitement and fun and wonderful. The windows are now snappy , and taskbar feels very light and fast. I didn’t like the concept of new taskbar , when i read them online , but after just few  hours of usage , I felt why there was so much buzz about it ! It was the best thing MS has done so far. I don’t know how it will go with general public , but users who use for hours , this is the best thing to happen. now you can manage huge number of windows without a problem . everything now is under just few clicks!

Coming to the response , this is the best OS Ms has created after the Windows 98. Even though many like XP , 98 was fast ! But all this is needs some basic hardware to enjoy. but i think at the time of release , the current hardware ( average ) would be wide spread and i think Windows 7 can cake walk on the hardware requirement!

The taskbar looks cute , but i feel that the width is slightly bigger , even though you can make small , i would love to see slightly reduced width taskbar.Now , this time , the transparency remains the same when a window is maximized , prev i=on vista , when you maximize a windows , the taskbar goes into dark one , rather than remain transparent.


The power option have gone through some changes , which is feel is not that comfortable , now it has balanced as the locked down option and the “performance “ and “power save “ as migrant ones , coz , when you want power save from performance , you have to go  to power options and change and now you see , balanced and power save , what i would like to see is all the three up there , or user customized one , rather than just two , this way user can easily switch from one to another.

Another cute entry is how the W7 handles the system during the power saver period , it turns the aero automatically off and also reduces the screen brightness to low , even if you have set to full bright when not used for some time , this was it automatically increase the running time on battery , also another thing is it turns off the wifi ( i just heard it , don’t know whether it does it or not ) these thing together makes Vista very energy efficient.

The Media player is stripped down now , actually it wears bikini now , nearly all the option we saw in the Windows 11 has gone , and now there is no more “ now playing attached to other options like sync m rip , library etc , which i feel is very bad and the player looks like a skinned VLC , light weight and very small … P.s Media player should have been slightly better looking than the the prev one. I don’t know what made the dev team to strip it down.!May be they thought that Media Player was using too much memory .

The Windows Picture viewer is also stripped , and all the “ FIX “ option we saw on vista`s Picture viewer is gone and now available only on Windows Live gallery , which you can get for free …

One thing is very clear from this RC , Dev are very keen in bringing down the memory consumption in each component of the Windows . And they stripped all the unnecessary ones , or say the ones which are least used . this is good in one way , but for those who got used to it will have to suffer. for example i was using the Crop function in the windows picture viewer for months and now i has no option but to search for alternative software.! These are just my personal thoughts

Anyway i will end my first part here ! See you on the Second part !

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  1. Spikywits says:

    hey naveen, the review looks like a 9th standard essay writing summary, do include some images,snaps, graphs,figures, etc to make it appealing. you have done a great job otherwise.

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