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Digg Login

After the version change of digg to digg v4 there has been loads of problems faced by users like loading issues , spams . I had my share of problems too like the basic logging into digg. I wasnt able to login into digg. whenever i tried to login , i was prompted to download a file called digg a json application (application/json) file. When i tried to open it in notepad , i got the following code


So here is how to solve , atleast which worked out for me. Clear the browser cache first and then try to change the password for your account using “Forgot Password” option in digg login page.
This solution worked for me , hope it works for you guys too .. if not leave a comment below and we will try to solve ….

-Urs Siva

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2 Responses

  1. janine says:

    Hi, the solution you proposed above did not work for me with the digg problem. I still get {“event”:”digg:auth”,”data”:{“type”:”prepare”,”success”:”true”,”url”:null}}

    I downloaded the most recent version of chrome. cleared all the cache and browsing history, still getting same message. I also downloaded firefox and tried to access digg from there and still am getting same message.

    aaahhhhhhhhhh help please!!!

    Thanking you,


  2. Admin says:

    sorry for the late reply..did u try to changing your password ?
    also if ur using any auto logins like Password wand , disable and try entering all the login and password manually .. , reply back if it works
    again sorry for the late reply

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