Mega Troll Govt

Past Few months have shown how really our govt is dragging on key issues and gives us a peek into how laws for this country are made , without giving any rational to it. I am also wondering the state of other bills , laws passed by this government. Luckily we had the chance to look indepth about this bill.

I simply cant understand this stupid govt.

1.) First they call only one civil society group on framing the Lokpal bill , not giving a F about others who have other says on the bill too

2.) Omits key issues , promises the team anna to table both bill , but the end becomes D-Bag and tables thier bill

3.) Then after pressure , now calls the same team to frame , now includes all but few points from jan lokpal , If so where they blind and deaf at the first meeting ?


4.)Then they call upon all-party meet to discuss upon the bill

5.) When they first tabled thier retarded bill , didnt they know it was flawed ? and if they are so sure about thier bill , why did they now include points from Jan-lokpal bill ?

6.) Now they are reluctant to remove their flawed bill stating few rules , If its retarded bill , why waste the time in reading it out, making others listen and waste precious time of the standing committee ?

This govt should be awarded the MEGA TROLL AWARD . I wonder the precarious state of other similar bills passed by this govt.


golden troll award

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