A Small Comaparison of Plans among ISP`s of India

This is a small comparison between various ISP`s (Internet Service Providers ) and thier plans . Only few plans and plans which are above 512kbps ( Base for to be called as Broadband) are taken into account. Mostly 512 kbps , 1 mbps speed packages are taken from the heap of plans each ISP`s are providing and average downloadable data each plan can provide and FUP (Fair Usage Policy ) applied by each ISP and thier average Cost for per GB is calculated . This is not a accurate calculation , a minimum of 80% of usage alone is taken.


Comparison chart here : ISP PLANS

The document is updated and possibly keep it updated. Plan to cover all ISP`s and all plans are in place , how well it will span out , I have no clear idea. 😀

Airtel reliance tata bsnl mtnl you beam hayai

Contribution greatly done by Mathew Carley from Hayai BB.

If you want to contribute to the document , please leave a reply in the comment section.

-Urs Siva

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