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Hi ,

Its been some time i posted .. the main reason is that i am currently on GPRS and you all know it is to work on with GPRS. Currently since I am not in my home , I Currently have limited resource to work on with. I have searched for a better connection than my current GPRS and i have no other way to go for 144Kbps connection from BSNL ( NIC ) … which is the best at present. I have worked on it before in my hoem and speed are atleast 5x better than a normal GPRS.
The toughest part is to get a Connection. BSNL has renewed the way applicants file for a new connection , with the recent terrorist activities and increased fear. So anyone who is away from home but want to have NIC card from BSNL have to go through tunnels of procedure to acquire a connection. Anyway i think i may get it sooner.

I Currently am really finding hard to come online in the first place . so whenever i find time I wil ltry to update the site with reviews and more useful stuffs.

Keep an eye ….

Thanks all who replied and who are reading at regular basis…

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