You know 3D … What about 10D ?

Hi all,

Few months back i saw a video in Youtube regarding dimensions. We know 1 D , 2D and 3D .. They were explaining 8th Dimension in that video. I was able to cope up with 4th dimension and after that it was just puzzle all the way.

Yesterday i was visiting a site and there they were showing a gift which was a cross section of the 10 th Dimension.

here is the picture


This was the explanation given

According to string theory, space-time is not four-dimensional as you might expect, but actually 10-dimensional. The extra six dimensions are believed to be compactified or rolled up into such a small space that they are unobservable at human scales of sight. Their size and six dimensions make Calabi-Yau spaces difficult to draw. But, this model shows a three-dimensional cross-section of this likely space to reveal its structure and shape

So just awe in wonder the cross section of the 10th Dimension !

-Urs Siva

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