Why I Deny God !

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Its been some time i have posted here . Finally this week i got my WLL Connection in my college , so even though not a big thing to brag about in the world of Broadband. But considering that I have been cursed with GPRS for all these years in college , WLL with 144kbps connection is something like a broadband for me đŸ™‚

O.k for many days i wanted to post a entry on my favorite topic – GOD !


Very recently I read a book called ” God : The Failed Hypothesis ” by Stenger , is a really good book which takes both sides of the issues and analysis with a open mind ! This book really gave a insight on various issues that Theist have been arguing for all these years. It also gives a overview on where science is lacking.

From the very first beginning , science has been USED by theist to either validate their supernatural claims by twisting and turning the results and finding and making others believe that its God`s work. When science told earth was a sphere and not a flat thing , religion didn’t approve of it . But when later confirmed , religion was speechless and had to cope up with the new rule that ” EARTH IS SPHERE ! ”  đŸ™‚
I always used to ask the very basic thing , which the great “Periyar ” also used to ask . ” If God made humans , Then who made God ? ” for this very basic question , many believers will either say ” its like that ..”, ” God is super power and he cant be either created nor destroyed …” etc etc . But they fail to see the obvious underlying truth here .

Bible has been revised many times throughout history. When Bible is something God created , and only proof for Christians to say Jesus exist , then who are we ( humans ) to edit it ? does man poses such authority to change the Book of God ? . Again people fail to see the truth here . Bible has been revised so many times simple because , there are flaws and unacceptable concepts which when questioned under rational view ,wont have a chance! , so simply to bypass this and to make bible more acceptable by everyone , its been revised , edited to such a extent that many scholars believe that the original bible doesn’t have any similarity to current version of the bible.Bible, Christianity was all established firmly in the medieval times to have a strong grip on the people by the rulers.!

Why is there a God ?

This is the question everyone should be asking and finding answers for. In medicine if a cause of fever( taking fever as a simple example) cant be found we term them as ” Fever of Unknown Origin ” . While terming it ,does it mean that there is nothing involved and that person who is affected is cursed and punished by god to suffer that illness ? or put it another way , since because the cause cant be found out , does it mean that there is no pathogen involved ?
It simply denotes that science or the test conducted couldn’t possibly prove there are any pathogens known or identifiable through the done tests. Similarly at those days when people used to amaze at the spectacular world , the night stars , rainbow , the nature , they felt that someone was behind it and it cant be achieved by human being . This false assumption later carried to be become the Super Power then became God and now it has became the tool to control people. When we couldn’t equate something spectacular things around us to nature or probability , we use the term “God Created it” . But actually what we see is product of millions of years evolution and natural process. nothing more.!

Many used to ask , how did we form ? if they could simply watch discovery a little more hours than other channels , may be they could cut back few questions.here are few links worth reading



When we face a problem we seek help! whether or not we ask others  is another issue. The very first when faced with an issue , we think   ” cant this problem just disappear …” or ” god .. please help me….” neither god or our request to help from within isn’t going to help . Instead of asking for help , we should try to analyze the issue at hand and solve it in a rational and methodical manner . Problems are the place where GOD is created and given powers. Problems are part of life and not God !

How many times have u wished God to give u suffering ? can he ? or how many times without asking god help , your problems are solved ? Asking God is just a placebo effect ! and it cools down your anxiety , fear for a while . As you can ask , if it has effect why cant we use God to relieve problems or atleast as said above to bring down anxiety ? Well to answer this question , I will straight away relate practice of Worshiping God to smoking or drinking. Its starts as small practice , but later it becomes the epicenter of the whole life ! Today the problem might be a smaller one , but when you are faced with bigger issues , instead of facing the issue , we go to astrologers and temple to seek help , which wont change a thing in the current issue! Instead of spending money and time on the things which has no effect what so ever and a practice which might become yours and also your family members nightmare should be stopped at the very small stage ! I have seen families spending huge sum on temples and rituals , even forcing their children to do the same . Instead they could either put it in a bank or give it to orphan`s.

Next thing people relate to God is Soul ! Even I was wondering how I could find a answer , after few searches and reading through the book i mentioned  earlier , i finally got the answer .When we think body and soul are different , we forget that soul is nothing but chemical reaction and molecules in action in the brain . To put it simple , when soul we say is not influenced by anything , i mean we all feel that we are someone inside a body ! right ? So when we are someone inside and we have the control over the body and we give commands .. how can a simple sedative put your untouchable soul to sleep ? This is true because we are not some soul as religion says or as we think .. and we wont be wondering here and there after we die , we are just the impulses , the chemicals , the molecules and which come into action. To further explain , we are highest form of Computer.! A computer can do the same thing we do taking that present days scientific development. what it cant do right now is think ! All other way we are more and more similar to computer , and that too is shrinking with advances in the artificial intelligence . And God has nothing to do here or create !. I might have failed to express the actual content here, but when you think in a logical way and with some scientific knowledge , you will know the difference between soul and human being as a whole. we are nothing more special than a ant after death, both decay as dust !

Even though there are loads and loads of stuff to explain and write , i think i will finish it here this time around and continue after few days later.

Choose Your Way !

Thanks all for reading and replying.

-Urs Siva

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  1. kalakarthik says:

    Yes. I have always been telling this. Everything ends in Carbon and Hydrogen only.Atoms are fixed in number. When the combination of atom changes another creature or another matter forms. Thats the whole secret. And religions used the same truth for its convenience and cunningness to mesmerize people saying that Atma [ athma..atom ] is eternal and take another body form and all such next birth and such cock and bull stories.The most pitiable factor is that even the eminent scientists believe this !!

  2. Admin says:

    Rightly said , cant put it much more simpler ! Kudos Atha…

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