Can this composition of Indian Constitution Work ?

Can this composition of Indian Constitution Work ?


    1. Instead of relying on the unrelated and unqualified ministers for approval , now the head of each department , for eg , Head of Nuclear department can propose plans in the parliament .
    2. The People elected representatives can either approve or disapprove the said plans based on the merits / demerits .
    3. Retired SC Judges can give great insight into the legalities of the proposed plan.
    4. Concerned civil groups can make suggestion , point out the flaws etc.
    5. Opposition which is now largely a speed breaker in almost all proposal by the ruling party will be now removed from the equation , yet still be given appropriate representation. Also its no longer a matter of this party vs that party.
    6. Now the HOD`s have to propose and describe each plans in detail , their merits, demerits , cost involved , sectors benefiting etc to the entire members and similar to current system , the voting will take place at the end of the proposal and possible amendments to be made.
    7. This will largely remove the “ignorant” factor posed by the unqualified (education wise) politicians in blocking good proposals
    8. The civil group will be changed or willing citizen can participate ,register their thoughts and appropriately vote.
    9. All proposals will be announced in advance and civil groups / citizens who wish to register their thoughts will be selected at random.
    10. No more can a party simply pass laws after laws without any opposition (mostly walked out) , each one has to be discussed now.
    11. As Ruling party will be no more than a voting / opposing group , corruption , scandals , imo can be reduced (They will find loop holes at the end of the day) , and when the money making capabilities are reduced , it will be no longer seen as a profession for making money , and greedy will eventually quit , at least that’s what i imagine !!
    12. All HOD`s will be elected in a transparent manner by the usual election process which happens via respective departments.
    13. People now have direct say on their society and for their jobs as they now elect two representative.
    14. This also removes the brains behind each minster (currently) to propose their plans independently without the interference of ministers. This IMO , is the greatest benefit of all



IMHO , one shouldn`t be authoritative over a subject ,if he doesn’t know that subject or have experience in it

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