What does Shah report say on Privacy ?

Its nice that planning commission has asked for a report on privacy . No wonder given the increased intrusion by government into individual privacy , this was expected. But will the government heed to the report ? There is more at stake and following international methods , will be enormous task , given the illiteracy rate , middle man (agencies) and in general the practical difficulty involving.


Anyway for those want to know how india , the current bills , laws stand for privacy , this is good read.

What to expect from this Report :

* It discusses various court cases thus far on privacy and how SC interprets privacy , ie article 21 .. interesting cases .

* Next it discusses various international laws pertaining to privacy and how they see and deal with privacy

* All the laws , bills relating to privacy , and how they lack , what needs to be added , and what confusing points already in those bills , laws . ( this part is the pretty long one , but gives an idea how weak all these bills are pertaining to privacy)


Report of the Group of Experts on Privacy


Please share and let others too know their right to privacy. Privacy is something we Indians dont seem to bother much , but given the increased intrusion by state , and constant survillence and monitoring coming forth in near future , everyone should be aware of their right to privacy.


– Urs Siva

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