Why Airtel ? Why ?

I ordered a premium pack – South Ultra HD pack – 5950 Rs 7 days back through online.

This is the timeline of incident :

17th – ordered the pack.
18th – received a notification about my package [Took one day to confirm 🙁 ].
19th – CC(Customer Care)  called me and said the details of the pack and customer ID was generated.
20th – Nothing happened.
21th – Evening around 4:45 i got a call asking ” Has the installation has been done ?” . i said “no” and he told he will check and call back immediately – Didnt call me.
22nd – Called me again at the same time and asked the same question. He said the same reason .. but luckily he arranged someone to come for installation . Nearest dealer (about 100km ) called me and said they will come on Sunday for installation . LOL 😀
23th– As expected , none showed and the dealer phone was switched off . How comfortable ?
24th – Called the same dealer and asked whether they will come today ? To my suprise , they said “What ? No, sir , we wont come” , I replied that “sir you only gave a call and confirmed that you will be sending your guys on sunday” , He then replied “No sir , we wont come to install and if you want, you can call to delhi CC(from where i got call at the evening) and ask them to install themselves” . WTF ?I tried CC and no use. They kept stonewalling and was cutting my calls in between. One CC guy gave me another dealers ph,no and asked me to ask them for installation, Really ? WTF AIRTEL ? Customers now have to arrange themselves for installation ? I asked them the same thing , but was cut short again. I called them and to my great suprise , that guy seems to have left airtel dealership long time back.lucky for him. He was generous enough to give me a district officer no . I called him and he said he doesnt deal with online purchases and gave me another Ph.no. This time the guy spoke clearly and put me on a conference call with the same dealer who denied to install for me . He took my ph.no and address again and said , he will CONTACT me for installation . Its almost 8 hours or so , still havent got a single call from them..
In this whole issue , the CC no 12150 is a F()cking joke.. it doesnt work !! and 12148 wont even listen to you ,as they are booking dept , really ? atleeast have the courtesy to direct me to concerned dept instead of ending the call abruptly .Dint forget you were the guys who gave all the sweet talks while asking for new connection.


Airtel logo

Airtel customer care DTH HD

Dealers seems to take least interest if you purchase from online. They seem to loose commission. Backend service in Airtel is F()cking joke.. no one knows what the hell is happening.
And one more thing , airtel automated CC doesnt even recognize English language selection , it keeps on redirecting me to Hindi CC (15 times or so… )

Since i will be going out and will be returning back few days later , the installation process will be postponed  , also since its diwali , no one will come for installation. But if the installation is not done by this week end , i am going to annoy the nodal officer ,every 1 hour and if that becomes fruitless , I will be cancelling my order and moving to TS HD.

I still dont know what will happen if something goes broke after some time.

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