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My Political Compass

Right wing , left wing , liberals , republican … it goes on and on. Wondered where you stood in this demography ? I found a siteĀ which helps you place where you...


For music lovers..

If you loved WorldSpace and want similar experience , then you should give a try of SHOUTCast. Best way to go forth is to install Winamp and subscribe to all web service while installing....


Pull your Google Plus Updates to your blog

I have been using Lifestream Plugin for sometime on this blog. This time i wanted to add my Google Plus updates to my LifeStream. The thing is LifeStream as of now doesn’t support Google...

X10 Dual Touch folder 3

How To enable Dual Touch in Xperia X10

Even though Multi touch feature was most awaited and since there are legal issues with multi touch and patent problems , Sony Ericsson has resolved to use Dual Touch Technology, Even though limited in...

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