How To enable Dual Touch in Xperia X10

Even though Multi touch feature was most awaited and since there are legal issues with multi touch and patent problems , Sony Ericsson has resolved to use Dual Touch Technology, Even though limited in Function , nonetheless a added feature to X10

Here is how you can enable Dual Touch ..

1.)Download X10 Flasher from here

2.)And download Dual Touch files here

3.)Also download this file

4.)Now Install the Flasher tool .
5.)Extract the folder “Dual Touch” and copy the full folder into the “firmwares” folder in the Flasher folder list(You should copy the whole folder , not the files within it..)
6.)Now copy the X10_1.0_Bin4ry_Dualtouch.ftf into the firmware folder of flasher

Once done it should look like this
X10 Dual Touch folder

Now run the X10Flashtool and flash the phone ..

Try it on Angry Birds, Gallery (Default gallery).. dual touch works very well
Some apps might not work properly .. to enable dual touch globally , follow this tutorial

Any Doubts please leave a reply ..

-Urs Siva

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3 Responses

  1. Tobias Andersson says:

    Hi, I recently flashed and it still doesn’t work though I have enabled Unkown sources. Is there something more I need to do ?

    Best regards,

  2. Tobias Andersson says:

    Edit. it worked in Angry birds but in gallery it doesn’t :/

  3. Admin says:

    did u enable it globally ? using the last part ?

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