A New Scam on the Rise ! – Beware

We used to get so many mails with the heading ” You won the lottery … ” , ” Confidential : I have xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx $ …. ” , ” You have be chosen .. ” , Etc . When they first came into action , many innocent people fell into their trap and lost thousands. Today i wanted everyone to know that there is new scam rising in the world of SMS.!


It all started a few days back when my mom asked me to check her sms about a message she received that she had her mobile number has been chosen for a prize money. when i searched for the message and found it , i am surprised , simply because this has been there in Internet for years , Now in mobile ? WTH ? Hers was a BSNL number , so i thought some As$hole is sending some stupid message.

Today , I got a similar message. Take a look.


If you have ever come across or still haven’t , please inform your parents , relatives that these things are on prowl and to be careful. Many people , especially Indians are susceptible for these kind of scams. They think its from the Airtel / Bsnl / Idea , just like some other alert , they fail to see the difference between the spam and real alerts from the Mobile companies.

Please be free to comment and please do share this article if you think you want to spread the news and alert people.

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    good work. Go ahead

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