Airtel – Who is Impatient ?


Have you ever searched for airtelsucks in twitter off lately? If you haven’t, try it and see all those funny / irritating experiences Airtel is providing us. Today however I wanted to enquire them about a service, I wanted to use. So I called 198. The line got connected and CC personal spoke with me, before I even completed by query, she started to redirect me to their PAID CUSTOMER CARE, do you know there exist a paid customer care number? Do you know much they charge? 50 paise / minute to talk with their customer care executives. My point is when was it, to obtain a service or make a enquiry about a service, we have to pay them? This is begging to the lowest! They know that their service is an utter joke. Few years back, I recommended Airtel to many of my friends stating that they have the best customer care support and excellent network, but off lately they want to extract as much money as they want from their years old network. They know that they can’t provide support to million who pour in to query about something. That’s why they developed this automated system where you need to reply back to predefined menu system. This totally took away the real person interaction. Even though it’s nice, still if we want to know more about a service we want to avail, for example their 100mb plan, there are few clarification to be done before we avail that service.

Airte sucks

Airtel Sucks

Paying them to clear a doubt is ridiculous. Its they who have to provide us free of cost all the help before we avail their service and also to provide us free support for problems and doubt arising from their service
This is just a start. Have you gone through their data plans for mobile? If not, please do, they have made airtel users a sitting duck in the world of netizens with their exorbitant data plans. They have made literally each Kb or say MB as costly as getting water these days. Few years back we had plans where one can subscribe for unlimited data for a month or a week, in which former costed around 250+Rs and latter costed around 70+ Rs, which was also costly at those times, but almost ok for users who want internet access. Now after few years, when all these plans should have come down.. naturally , since older technology shouldn’t cost much , right ? . But for a surprise it has gone sky rocketing. Each data transferred through their network is as costly as getting a landline broadband. Why? Simple, they are on year’s old servers which they should have upgraded long back as their user base growing. Currently Airtel has largest user base. But their network is still not been upgraded to handle such user base. They are cashing in on technology which should be extinct by now.
There is also another theory to it. As 3G is about to rollout, we might see users shifting to 3G and leaving GPRS/EDGE behind. So company like airtel which invested huge amount in implementing hardware for GPRS /EDGE now will have no income from it. These may be last few months of GPRS as we know. SO these are last few months they can cash in on those technologies.

Airtel Sucks

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As an end user, we are the ones who have to bear their burden…

This is not an end; this is just the beginning of Monopoly and corporatism we are about to experience in the years to come by as more experienced international companies are entering into India.

This is just the START!!!!

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