10 Things You Should Have Stopped Way Before !!!

There are certain things which I felt that everyone who is online should STOP doing these 10 things .. The following is the list on what not to do or should never do at all when you are online…

1. When on Orkut , DON`T EVER THINK its the most safe site in the whole God damn World… For your kind information its still in beta and Google is working hard to remove all those bugs…

2. So while on Orkut , don’t think that a funny looking image or a actress/ actor wallpaper comes in your scrap , its a genuine one… and don’t follow the link , i mean DON’T CLICK the bloody link … Why ? Coz most of these ” theme change ” scrap , nice looking cute graphics .. have hidden ” JAVASCRIPT ” or ” Link ” which has potential harmful code , which go from sending scrap to all your friends  to acquiring access to your account and possibly hack your account forever…

3. Again when there is some link which says you can scrap whole of the friends list with ” Happy New Year ” , ” Happy Diwali ” , or ” Happy Valentines Day ” .. Don`t fall for it.. coz as stated above , due to harmful link and code…

4. If you are on a Public system , i mean in a Internet Cafe , Stop accessing your personal sites like Yahoo mail , Gmail , Orkut , Picasa , Msn , Sify , Rediff etc.. coz who knows what they have installed on those system… because most of the identity theft takes place in these common place because of ignorance of the newbie’s…

5. Always LOGOUT and STOP leaving the system as such anywhere , anytime !!!!

6. If are going to follow a link ( i mean clicking the link ) .. and if you think its going to go for your personal account or you await to get logging into your account , just take a second and see the address bar and see if the link is either known or looks fishy ?? how to say ?? well i will give you all a situation. lets take a situation where you are in Orkut and your friend has sent you a link where it says you have got a mail in your yahoo inbox… so the current address ( website name in the address bar in your browser ) looks like                http://www.orkut.com/##############/############/####### and the link you have just clicked has address like http://red.te5juik.cjb/login.asp or whatever it may be .. but look close you don’t see ” http://yahoo.com or http://yahoomail.com anything that sort…. You got my point huh ??? Goooooodddd… !! If not feel free to ask in the comment system below.

7. Next in my list is in your inbox .! Ya that is where everyone is fooled.. very easily..even the most experienced netizen. So how to deal with it. You just need to know one thing ..- that is which , no IDIOT in the world is going to give YOU a million dollar or no IDIOTIC gal/boy is going to send a DATE email to YOU!!!( this off course excludes the friend in your friend list … hi hi….). So once you have understood this VERY basic stuff… all will go fine while accessing your inbox. Another thing you have to remember is DON`T go on seeing , clicking all the emails that arrives in your inbox .. and don’t think you are the special one to get a email like that… because those are called spam and they target people like you. BEWARE !!! Click email which are from your friend ( even that too has become difficult with intelligent hackers working around all known routes to get you trapped ) or you are awaiting a email from a site or company..

8. One thing most of us do is giving way email ID wherever we see a space with ” Your Email ID ” … DON’T do it… !! Simple!! Don’t Do it..Unless you are need of a registration .. don’t give email anywhere…anytime.. unless need comes . DON’T have one email for everything..have two ! one for your own personal use and others to dispose at sites where you are pushed to register…

9. DON`T have one password for everything… have at least 3-4 different password…because if one password is compromised , all  the other site like yahoo , gmail , orkut , facebook , msn , hotmail are also compromised..

10. Final One…. and the most important one… !!! DON`T be a BIG IDIOT by posting all your information right from email ID to phone number to Dogs name… You just have made the work of a hacker very  easy….Unless you are in search of a job .. don’t post your personal information online and even if the site asks you to give your details don’t waste your time by posting all the information online. And don’t think just by posting your phone no , the other sex will call you… they wont .. You are simply inviting trouble with a big red carpet!!

So all said and heard …. hope after reading this article You stop Doing things you were doing or planning to do..

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8 Responses

  1. The Conqueror says:

    Excellent Article.

    What I have seen is that people really post their own personal photos or confidential information and then someone just attacks and creates fake profiles and make a lot of trouble for them.

    I Hope that this articles can create awareness to people and help them..

    The Conqueror

  2. Good article for warning the n00bs.

    Keep them coming. Good Luck.

  3. Admin says:

    thnks a lot conqueror….

    please do share this article to others also … if had liked it,.

    again thnks for the comment

  4. Shaunak says:

    I stopped ‘orkutting’ a long time ago. Its a really a unsafe social network.

    PS: find me on twitter @ shaunakde 🙂

  5. Admin says:

    I dont think stopping will be a soltuion , all i want is too keep a eye on these things when you are on internet. thats enough .. anyway Orkut sucks … 🙂

  6. Hi. I like the way you write. Will you post some more articles?

  1. 27/02/2009

    […] >>> 2.) So with first line of defence setup its upto us to take some of the basic steps to protect ourselves , for refernce you can see this article “!0 10 Things You Should Have Stopped Way Before !!! […]

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