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Windows 7 – Silky Smooth Vista PART 1

When i first went through many articles on windows 7 , i thought that , there wont be much to enjoy in , just another new code and fresh developer team and nothing more.but everything changed after i installed the Windows 7 RC.The installation however didn’t go well on my Dell M1530, got a corrupted installation and had to backup the HDD through my PC and had to fresh install the W7 RC , which was actually , i think the best thing i did , coz my Vista was showing symptoms of Overload and Bloatedness after hundreds of apps , games installed and deleted , and upgrading it would have made it more bloated! . After fresh install which took less than just 20 minutes and just FEW clicks . I really should thank Microsoft for its effort and design. It feel like a Italian designer working all the way.

After the install , i was greeted by a fresh looking login page , very fresh , but i didn’t personally like the animation on start-up , it could have been better. coming to login page , it felt as if i am on a mountain , fresh!! Fresh !! Hats off for choosing that pic as a login background!

What came next is more of excitement and fun and wonderful. The windows are now snappy , and taskbar feels very light and fast. I didn’t like the concept of new taskbar , when i read them online , but after just few  hours of usage , I felt why there was so much buzz about it ! It was the best thing MS has done so far. I don’t know how it will go with general public , but users who use for hours , this is the best thing to happen. now you can manage huge number of windows without a problem . everything now is under just few clicks!

Coming to the response , this is the best OS Ms has created after the Windows 98. Even though many like XP , 98 was fast ! But all this is needs some basic hardware to enjoy. but i think at the time of release , the current hardware ( average ) would be wide spread and i think Windows 7 can cake walk on the hardware requirement!

The taskbar looks cute , but i feel that the width is slightly bigger , even though you can make small , i would love to see slightly reduced width taskbar.Now , this time , the transparency remains the same when a window is maximized , prev i=on vista , when you maximize a windows , the taskbar goes into dark one , rather than remain transparent.


The power option have gone through some changes , which is feel is not that comfortable , now it has balanced as the locked down option and the “performance “ and “power save “ as migrant ones , coz , when you want power save from performance , you have to go  to power options and change and now you see , balanced and power save , what i would like to see is all the three up there , or user customized one , rather than just two , this way user can easily switch from one to another.

Another cute entry is how the W7 handles the system during the power saver period , it turns the aero automatically off and also reduces the screen brightness to low , even if you have set to full bright when not used for some time , this was it automatically increase the running time on battery , also another thing is it turns off the wifi ( i just heard it , don’t know whether it does it or not ) these thing together makes Vista very energy efficient.

The Media player is stripped down now , actually it wears bikini now , nearly all the option we saw in the Windows 11 has gone , and now there is no more “ now playing attached to other options like sync m rip , library etc , which i feel is very bad and the player looks like a skinned VLC , light weight and very small … P.s Media player should have been slightly better looking than the the prev one. I don’t know what made the dev team to strip it down.!May be they thought that Media Player was using too much memory .

The Windows Picture viewer is also stripped , and all the “ FIX “ option we saw on vista`s Picture viewer is gone and now available only on Windows Live gallery , which you can get for free …

One thing is very clear from this RC , Dev are very keen in bringing down the memory consumption in each component of the Windows . And they stripped all the unnecessary ones , or say the ones which are least used . this is good in one way , but for those who got used to it will have to suffer. for example i was using the Crop function in the windows picture viewer for months and now i has no option but to search for alternative software.! These are just my personal thoughts

Anyway i will end my first part here ! See you on the Second part !

Another Cowardly Act By terrorist

When we all think that there will be peace for sometimes from these assholes… they strike again..
These religious fanatics should be put down by any means and the one who is behind .. either Pakistan or foreign nations should be put down too..
If you want to show your religious passion to all… why put innocent peoples life on risk and who gave you the permission to take others life you assholes…

Go take a cyanide and pill and die and show your commitment to the cult…

Dont take other life you morons…
This is the most cowardliness act .. and all your attacks show you are WEAK !! and cant stick or make anyone stick to your cult !! how horrible .. and how pathetic … you idiots

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10 Things You Should Have Stopped Way Before !!!

There are certain things which I felt that everyone who is online should STOP doing these 10 things .. The following is the list on what not to do or should never do at all when you are online…

1. When on Orkut , DON`T EVER THINK its the most safe site in the whole God damn World… For your kind information its still in beta and Google is working hard to remove all those bugs…

2. So while on Orkut , don’t think that a funny looking image or a actress/ actor wallpaper comes in your scrap , its a genuine one… and don’t follow the link , i mean DON’T CLICK the bloody link … Why ? Coz most of these ” theme change ” scrap , nice looking cute graphics .. have hidden ” JAVASCRIPT ” or ” Link ” which has potential harmful code , which go from sending scrap to all your friends  to acquiring access to your account and possibly hack your account forever…

3. Again when there is some link which says you can scrap whole of the friends list with ” Happy New Year ” , ” Happy Diwali ” , or ” Happy Valentines Day ” .. Don`t fall for it.. coz as stated above , due to harmful link and code…

4. If you are on a Public system , i mean in a Internet Cafe , Stop accessing your personal sites like Yahoo mail , Gmail , Orkut , Picasa , Msn , Sify , Rediff etc.. coz who knows what they have installed on those system… because most of the identity theft takes place in these common place because of ignorance of the newbie’s…

5. Always LOGOUT and STOP leaving the system as such anywhere , anytime !!!!

6. If are going to follow a link ( i mean clicking the link ) .. and if you think its going to go for your personal account or you await to get logging into your account , just take a second and see the address bar and see if the link is either known or looks fishy ?? how to say ?? well i will give you all a situation. lets take a situation where you are in Orkut and your friend has sent you a link where it says you have got a mail in your yahoo inbox… so the current address ( website name in the address bar in your browser ) looks like       and the link you have just clicked has address like http://red.te5juik.cjb/login.asp or whatever it may be .. but look close you don’t see ” or anything that sort…. You got my point huh ??? Goooooodddd… !! If not feel free to ask in the comment system below.

7. Next in my list is in your inbox .! Ya that is where everyone is fooled.. very easily..even the most experienced netizen. So how to deal with it. You just need to know one thing ..- that is which , no IDIOT in the world is going to give YOU a million dollar or no IDIOTIC gal/boy is going to send a DATE email to YOU!!!( this off course excludes the friend in your friend list … hi hi….). So once you have understood this VERY basic stuff… all will go fine while accessing your inbox. Another thing you have to remember is DON`T go on seeing , clicking all the emails that arrives in your inbox .. and don’t think you are the special one to get a email like that… because those are called spam and they target people like you. BEWARE !!! Click email which are from your friend ( even that too has become difficult with intelligent hackers working around all known routes to get you trapped ) or you are awaiting a email from a site or company..

8. One thing most of us do is giving way email ID wherever we see a space with ” Your Email ID ” … DON’T do it… !! Simple!! Don’t Do it..Unless you are need of a registration .. don’t give email anywhere…anytime.. unless need comes . DON’T have one email for everything..have two ! one for your own personal use and others to dispose at sites where you are pushed to register…

9. DON`T have one password for everything… have at least 3-4 different password…because if one password is compromised , all  the other site like yahoo , gmail , orkut , facebook , msn , hotmail are also compromised..

10. Final One…. and the most important one… !!! DON`T be a BIG IDIOT by posting all your information right from email ID to phone number to Dogs name… You just have made the work of a hacker very  easy….Unless you are in search of a job .. don’t post your personal information online and even if the site asks you to give your details don’t waste your time by posting all the information online. And don’t think just by posting your phone no , the other sex will call you… they wont .. You are simply inviting trouble with a big red carpet!!

So all said and heard …. hope after reading this article You stop Doing things you were doing or planning to do..

Keep a look for more similar articles….

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Intro to My Blog !!!

Hi all….

This is my very first post…

Eventhough I have written variuos articles , reviews in variuos sites , this is my first post in my site…. its a different feel and its just awesome. Many asked me what you are going to write in my blog, even i have the doubt , but have planned to keep this blog a place where i want to say to all openly about certain things which i might come up with day to day life..

As my road is open to and can take anywhere i want .. lets see how it all goes.. but this blog will remain here .. whether or not you like.I dont expect everyone who reads my blog to agree with me .. You can disagree , deny , protest , do what ever you want , but whatever i post here is my perspective view on life and other things around me..

So with few things said , i want to add one last thing to it … which off course is .. I am not a got writter, and sometimes my english sucks… :-) so if you come across any grammar problems .. dont hesitate to forget it coz i aint gona change and i dont like grammar even from my school….so dont waste your time trying to change me , teach me… !!! :-D

Enough is enough … shall we move ahead ???

Always keep a note to visit my site time to time .. you may find something interesting somewhere in my blog…