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Must See Video compilation

Here are some of the good , informative videos I loved in the recent times. Hope you all also enjoy them.   Here we go 100 Years of Visual effects: Sheer Size of the...


Care for Cash

Today I got a email from ICICI , featuring array of offers.The start of a new beginning in India , a noble profession likely to be turned into a cut throat race. One offer...


Moved to Cyanogen Mod 6

After a long time , Moved to cyanogen mod 6 , took a little bit of reading and some tense moments to get it right. But the results are simply awesome. Will leave with...


Little Unfortunate

Last week i participated in a online contest conducted by digital inspiration for a HP color printer. Today they announced the winner and unfortunately from their selecting list I got the answer right ,...

Sun DTH HD 0

Sun DTH HD 12,000 Rs WC Pack

Hi , Ok we have seen weird thingsĀ  by big companies , but i think this will beat everything . Recent update on the sun dth HD page reveals that their World cup 2011...

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