Pokkisham Vs Kandasamy

Comparing these two is like comparing a kinder garden kid vs a professional. Former being Kandasamy and latter being the Pokkisham. The way tamil industry or any other film industry going questions the very basic thing , ” Are we becoming that stupid ? “. Todays movie are no more than a glamour show and people behind the film think that people can accept anything that director throws at them. Take for example a hero able to handle 10+ Rowdies ( 10 is the least number here ) , how many of you in real life have seen a person fighting and winning atleast one person ? its simply near to impossible unless you are a trained Karate master. Directors stop thinking that tamil actors are super hero. If you want to show them as super hero then create a super hero movie like super man or spider man . You are making tamil industry look pathetic. Kandasamy is the film which tries to show the hero as super hero , taunting as a suepr hero movie , first in tamil industry , etc ,etc… Kandasamy shows that tamil director can never keep up thier words and also shows that they cant create a super hero movie. Kandasamy is all about promises and how they fail ( suck ) to the core. Before the release the team had a village adopted. they show thier intention are good , but at the same time do this …  ” The inauguration of Kanthaswamy took place on 22 September 2007 at the Devi Paradise theatre in Chennai. For the event, a unique electronic invitation, made in China, was presented to guests who had been invited. The invitation was the size of a laptop and featured a 8 minute trailer of Kanthaswamy.[9]Rs. 15,000, making it the most expensive invitation in Indian film history Each invitation had cost about ” , a quote taken from wiki.


I still dont get it. they want to have poor people helped out and still they spend lavishly on nothing ( Invitation ) . they could have simply used SMS service to invite or a simple call would have sufficed. why go for a costly ( costliest ever ! ? ) invitation ? . This is the problem with our directors , they over shoot the target my almost a mile or they don’t have a target at all.

Pokkisham , A treasure . Pokkisham on the other hand defines everything , love , class , director , story , cast , song … everything. Why doesn’t these kinda movie doesn’t make a good impression ? why cant these films come up irrespective of who produced it or what its budget is ? Pokkisham is how films should be. and Kandasamy is the film what a Tamil film should never be ! Pokkisham excel in many places like songs , cast , characterization , story , the time it was taken , the details in the film , and last but not the least , a pure love !

I dont think a detail review on both will ever be necessary  , coz i can finish them in few words..

— Pokkisham —- a Pile of Diamond

— Kandasamy — a Pile of Sh!t

Kandasamy speaks about how the world around is corrupt and how hero takes on variuos actions to correct it. its really funny that the director shows no character of any professionalism in any sort. here are a few questions to him

1.) What happens to the big shots after he sees vikram in those funny characters roaming here and there and dancing ..etc ? my question is .. Can one have a pleasant sleep afer seeing all those things ? i doubt it. If so what happened to the roped which are tied around him so that he is still in the bed able to only watch vikram dance and stunt etc…. can he even feel a rope around him ? PATHETIC !

2.) What about the helicopter which came along with the black villain ( i forgot his name … wait should i ever have to remember those names ? ) in Mexico when he travels all the way out of the city in the middle of nowhere just to ask vikram ” Tell me what info`s have you told the CBI ? ” , cant he just ask it in his place ? and hey what happened to the helicopter ? didn’t you pay for it ?

3.) Does breaking a luxury bus prove anything here ? you go to a great distance and spend loads of money where its not needed and you show that you are best at spending it all the unnecessary ways one can think of.

4.) Why was there a Meow Meow song ? Vikram comes to shriya home to get rid of her , then the song .. after that the film continues.. nothing..

there are so many questions. But to sum it up all , just get the Friday review of Hindu a few weeks back and read the review about kandasamy there . There is no suitable review than that. A special hats off to the reviewer.

Well coming to the comparison , Pokkisham is all Tamil industry should take as a sample and work on . And kandasamy is the best sample when all the perfect mixture can result in a disaster. Charan excels in his direction , even though acting could have been slightly better. When all the new movies come out with loads and loads of glamour, Cheran`s Pokkisham differs greatly by not having any of those and to portray just LOVE ! The director shows his love for the language and which i think not many directors nowadays think of. All those little Tamil verse and sweet pure Tamil words, it by itself stands tall and takes home the film to a victory . The last scene where Padma Priya holds the long letter and starts to read , i was thinking , ” OMG how can we sit for such a long time till she finishes the letter ?”  , but again kudos to director , the short pauses and very well narration makes one sit and even stand to the last few minutes . Hats of Cheran Sir .

One thing is sure , People go by the names and cast and everything and forget about story , acting , screen play etc.. films like pokkisham should be hailed and promoted over Sh!t like Kandasamy. When people behind the movies realise that its all about story and acting rather than glamour and crew , then i think we can see some really worthy movies. Until then prepare your self for movies like Kandasamy , Masilamani , Sivaji , Villu etc.

Again Hats Off to the great director , Chearan !

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    dude u did the same mistake as kamal did!!!!

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    I dont get it K.S

    What mistake are u pointing out ? Grammar ?

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